Across France

We hope you enjoy this collection consisting of short film clips, primarily in black and white. Every effort has been made to ensure these film clips are in the public domain. Specifically, a few of these videos were taken by photographers of the US Army Signal Corps. If you discover any to not be in the public domain, please contact us and they will be removed immediately.

  79th Infantry troops in La Haye Du Puits, France. View through a damaged wall of a ruined building with sign on a shop reading 'M. Gigory.' A World War I memorial and fountain topped by bust of a French soldier, is guarded by US troops. A nearby sign points to it reading: 'water point.' American troops move on street and in a narrow alley. Troops arrive in a jeep. Two German prisoners sitting on the hood of the jeep with their hands raised are brought at gun point. The jeep moves on. More prisoners are driven away on jeeps. Heavy concentration of troops in the area. July 1944. [ Read more ]

  The push across the Rhine with the men of the 79th Infantry Division, April 1945.

  Soldiers of the 314th Infantry Regiment load onto assault boats at the bank of river Seine. Men row across the river in assault boats. The boats being manned by United States 304th Engineers Division. Location: France. 20 August 1944. [ Read more ]

  Replacement soldiers are divided up among the units of 2nd Bn, 313th Infantry Regiment. A sergeant checks in the men and assigns them to their new unit as they load up into trucks for transport to the front. 12 October 1944. [ Read more ]

  On 6 January, at 0830, the 2nd BN, 314th Infantry Regiment, supported by a company of 749th tanks, moved out to Rohrwiller. Foggy conditions provided excellent cover, the objective was met and the town under 314th's control by 0100. [ Read more ]

  Infantry and Armor Attack Drusenheim Bridge Jan 6, 1945. Soldiers of the 79th Infantry Division and tanks from the 12th Armored Division in combat as they assault a bridge in Drusenheim, France during World War II. This action takes place shortly after the launch of the German offensive known as Operation Nordwind, Hitler's last advance in the Alsace region, on January 1, 1945. Shown here are troops from the 314th Infantry Regiment of the 79th Infantry Division supported by Shermans from the 43rd Tank Battalion and 714th Tank Battalion Combat Command B of the 12th Armored Division with support of their own 56th Armored Infantry Battalion.